Alert-K9 Training

Providing the best obeidence classes private, group, or on site.
 Tracking for AKC or Schutzhund IPO competition.
Herding practice area with goats.
Dock diving and swimming.


About us:  Actively training and competing with dogs since 1971.  Over 100 plus titles
with many different breeds.  Contractor with DOE.  Past member of American Rescue Dog Assn.  Field dog training Laboradors and Golden Retrievers for competition.  Problem solving in all areas of behavior modificaion.  Member of DVG America 10 plus yrs.  First Sch III Golden Retriever in USA.  I taught both handler and dog to their completion.  Certified Sch. helper for DVG America and USCA in past yrs.  Presently pursuing herding titles, and schutzhund with my German Shepherds. 

Kansas City, Missouri area
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Training on Wed. mornings are private by appointment only.  Group classes Wed. nite 6:30 PM..  Tracking and Herding by appointment.  Indoor facility available for winter training  classes .  Dock diving and swimming seasonal.  Schutzhund club meets on Sunday morning 10:00 AM.

Baby goats 3/3/13

 Born 3/3/13 Snowface & Ski.

Recent activites:

 Jan.  1/16/13 Private obedience beginner class for German Shepherd.  Herding sheep with Lexie @her class.  1/17/13 Tracking class,  FH training for Rottie.  1/18/13 Air scenting with Rottie.  1/19/13 Tracking class group grass, wood ,and hardsurface.  New boxer puppy learning how to sit, down, and not be rude to other dogs.  1/20/13 Schutzhund club group training clinic. Two new German Sheperds enrolled today.  They began tracking and obed. starter class.  1/21/13 2nd.air senting class for Rottie. 1/24/13  Herding class with Lexie, proggressing well.  1/25/13 Rottie scent work today.  1/26/13  Boxer puppy working on down and sit stay. 1/27/13 Schutzhund group clinic short, very cold.  1/30/13 Private beginner German Shepherd praticed for graduation next week.

 Feb.  2/2/13 Boxer puppy training, how to share.  2/3/13 Welcome to the 5mo. old Doberman. He is sweet, and learned to sit, down and stay very quickly.  He loved his first Schutzhund class.  The new Shepherds liked him, they all worked together learning focus.  The American Bulldog is developing a nice retreive.  Mr. Rott. learning blind search routine.  2/4/13 2nd in home training class for puppy Dobe.  She is very sly and we are on our toes all the time.  Scenting Rott. had a big advance today, looks like the woods challange will be coming up soon.  2/6/13  Advanced tracking FH training w/ Mr. Rottie.  :)  Graduation basic obed. for Molly the German Shepherd.  She will advance to the next level.   2/7/13  Excellent sheepherding practice w/ my Lexie!  2/8/13  Scenting Rott. blind scent locating well.  Refind up next.  Home training Dobe. she is coming when called and sitting quickly in front. Stays are developing.  Now owner is in control,  graduation soon.  2/9/13  New student Roscoe 6mo.German Shepherd training for heeling focus, fast sit and down response to command.  New student 5mo. German Shepherd, training the same things.  Focusing also on social skills and confidence.  2/10/13 Schutzhund clinic today very windy.  Tracking was challenging.  All learned social skills, showed off their training progess, had great fun always!  2/16&2/17/13  Attended Mondio Ring Sport seminar with 4 club members.  About froze but all went well.  2/23&2/24/13  Attended AKC Tracking Test.  My student passed his Tracking Degree Excellence.  Way to go Shasta.  Another student went to Texas and received his IPO 3. Yeah Recco.  Snow has put a halt to practice outside.  Private class will still be available.

 March  3/2&3/3/13  I will be helping with tracking test for AKC titles.  Wonderful!  14 out of 18 passed, sweet!!!! 3/2/13 Hank missed the rain and had a very great day. He worked on stand, down, sit, change of pace routines. Also tackled his social skills with other dogs. 3/13/13 Lexie was outstanding today at herding, looks like we are getting somewhere.  3/14/13  Rocky & Rambo came today for competition practice session.  3/15/13  Competition tracking grass field practice with Asia, Shasta, Rocky, Rambo & Lorenz.  Max a little Border Collie had his first duck herding & obedience class.  He's got talant!   

  3/16/13 Hank the Boxer Graduated Beginners Obedience class. He began Advanced Off Leash training today. Way too go!!! His new family said they really appreciated my help. I appreciate their hard work to give him a good life in their


April 4/5/13 Max the border collie is playing in the duck herding pen today.  He is also keeping his obedience on going by learning to hold his sit, down, and there commands.  He is now working at keeping the ducks in a row and all moving in the same direction. 4/7/13 We had a very hard working group out today practicing for competition.  4/10/13  Bo the English Bulldog  is now getting in his crate on command, not attacking the vaccum, going to his time out pad, releaseing his ball, and putting on his harness.  His owner said I can't believe it, all that in 29 and a half min.. WOW!!!  Whats next?  4/12/13  Lexie and I went to duck herding classes today.  She had an outstanding run once she realized the sheep where on the other side of the fence.  Ducks were the target today and the sheep were just watching. 

 July 7/10/13 Max has advanced to herding goats now. Having a blast. It's been really hot and I am training mostly in the A.M..  I've attended both a Schutzhund seminar in Texas and an Obedience clinic in K.C.,Mo..  Way to go Trinity you made Beginners A.K.C. Title. Awsome!!!  Planning a trip to the lake with all the Sun. class for swimming and dock diving.  We will have class till 12:00 then off we splash.  7/17/13  15 dogs showed up for class sunday.  We trained till noon.  The Min. Dashhund is working to pass cert. for therapy visits to nursing  homes.  The down stay is his challenge for the week.  The others are working on their manners and quicker responce to commands.  Most are also training home protection.  6 dogs went to the lake for dock diving and a good swim.  Some started out wareing lifejackets but soon became confident.  We all had good cool fun and lots of smiles.  

  Oct. 10/5/13 The Schutzhund group did very well at the competition this weekend. 3 BHS and another IPO 3 for Lorenz. A big yahoo.!!!!  10/12/13 We went to Mich. To the URCA with Lorenz. He earned another IPO 3. What a wonderful Rottweiler. 10/20/13 Trinity got her CGC at Jackson County Oct. Feast. GSD*S rule. 10/23/13 Max worked herding today. My oh my he is now bringing the goats to the hand

    Feb. 2/8/14 As you already know the weather has not been to good and training is at a stand still.  Getting ready for summer fun.  Swimming, herding, obedience, Schutzhund, and travel to seminars.

  1.    March Have added three new students. Doberman female she is young and very smart. She is very easily trained with the clicker method. We have moved on to more absolutes and hidden ball. Two German Shepherds .The male is an IPOIII import blk.&tan very nice. We will sharpen his training he is a little rusty. His Female companion is a blk. sable. Young and will be clicker reinforced for her training. She is not hard to communicate with and will progress rapidly.                        



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