For obedience you will need a fur saver collar to start leash training. Small reward treats for job well done. Balls to learn to fetch. Also used as rewards. A 4ft. leash made of leather is the best .  For tracking you will need a 15ft. and a 33ft. line. There are leather and man made types that can be purchased at hunting dog supplies sites. They hold up very well to the elements, and hard work. Small evidence pieces leather, cloth, and wood. Food pouch like a carpenter cloth bag to carry small pieces of food to be used as track bait. Boots for field work, waterproof, and rain gear. Notebook to draw field notes, and chalk for marking corners and  finds. For protection you will need a 6ft. leash that is sewn and riveted or has braided snap and handle. A harness which I like the Bridgeport Leather with a handle on top.                                                    

You can feed dry kibble if you like. I feed a semi-raw modified diet to my puppies starting at 4 wks.. This picture shows my weaning ration given at 6 weeks. Top left is raw hamburger 75%. Below the hamburger left side is some cooked deboned and shredded chicken quarter. In the middle is raw beef small dime size pieces, with a few small pieces of liver. Top left are the carbohydrates row. First is soaked oatmeal next is kibble. This is about 20 % carbohydrate 70% meat with the additives on top. I use powdered milk replacer and vitamin/mineral supplement. This is not an exact formula and you can use what you have available. I use some kibble in case the new owners want to just feed dry dog food with a little meat. Mix well add a little warm water till its like mashed potatoes thickness. Frozen diets are available in 5 lbs. rolls.

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